Private and semi-private intensives for serious dance scholars and educators are available.  These intensives are one week long . The training is Monday – Friday 9:30 – 5:30, at total of 30 hours including an exam (the intensives can be spread out over a longer period of time for local students). The student will receive a certificate in Shahrzad Technique for that level upon successful completion of the course and passing the exam.  Teaching certificate in Shahrzad Technique is also available upon completing an additional 12-hour workshop.

 Shahrzad Persian Dance Technique consists of 3 levels:
Level I – Introduction to Shahrzad Persian dance technique – an in-depth study of the fundamental principles of Persian dance including technique, musicality, history, notation, and dynamic expression.
Level II – Intermediate Shahrzad Persian dance technique – this intensive build on of level I, introducing more complex movement patterns and transitions.
Level III – Advanced Shahrzad Persian dance technique – challenging the student with dynamic movement patterns and transitions and movement composition, this level prepares dancers for performing Shahrzad’s style of Persian dance.  Dancers who complete this level may be asked to join Shahrzad’s company.

Every student must begin with Level I intensive.

Accommodations during the week-long intensive are offered as an option.

Applications are available now and can be emailed after initial contact. If interested please contact Shahrzad at for more information including a detailed outline of the course and fees.



Click on Testimonials  to read other dancers’ feedback after taking Shahrzad’s intensives.


These 1-2 hour lessons are customized according to the students’ goals and background.  Students under 18 must go through an audition/interview before any lessons are offered.

For more information please contact Shahrzad at

On-line Persian dance classes taught by Shahrzad are now available at:

Free 3-day trial and only $47.99 for the 6-week series with unlimited viewing during the 6-weeks! This is a great way for long distance students to take class.



To compliment the dance curriculum, SDA also has produced several instructional and performance DVDs that are sold to libraries in the U.S. and Canada.



Shahrzad also provides online consultation for dancers and dance educators.  For more information contact



July 5th and 6th in Geneve: LA CROISEE DES CULTURES

Join Shahrzad as she travels across the Atlantic to Geneve to celebrate dance and music around world and to honour Persian dance accompanied by Ziad Mirabdolbaghi on tombak!  Additional details and Facebook event to come! 

July 12th – 19th in Mendocino Woodlands: Mendocino Middle Eastern Music & Dance Camp

Shahrzad will be joining many renowned instructors that specialize in dances and music from the middle east in the beautiful Mendocino Woodlands for a 1 week camp filled with workshops and fun! 

 August 7th in Medford, Oregon: Classical Persian Dance Workshop

The focus of this course is on expression using hand and wrist motions, capturing the Persian aesthetics in the body line, and understanding Persian rhythmic patterns. Some movement nomenclature will be presented in Farsi. Pre-recorded classical Persian music will be used in class.

To register please contact for Paypal link.
Checks written to Shahrzad Khorsandi may be mailed to:

Suzanne Schroeder
1910 E. Barnett Rd. Ste 102
Medford, OR 97504

August 8th-10th in Portland, Oregon: JamBallah Northwest

“World-class instruction and entertainment are yours for the taking at JamBallah Northwest.   Portland’s own annual Bellydance & Fusion Festival. We work hard to create an atmosphere of celebration and community, showcasing the substantial talent of the Pacific Northwest, as well as bringing in master instructors from across the globe.”  JamBallah

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