Shahrzad’s Persian dance intensive will literally create new grooves in your brain, i.e. make you more intelligent via the intricate subtle beauty she confers through each lesson. It will not only make your dance more refined but also the way you perceive the world and your participation in it. This intensive will take you to a new level of understanding, strength, and beauty. I highly recommend it not just for those interested in Persian dance but to all students and teachers of movement.

– Frances Reagan James

I knew I wanted to expand my dance vocabulary. I didn’t know I would find a missing piece to my movement puzzle. Shahrzad’s Persian Classical Intensive is both logical/progressive and mind-blowing. It has changed my way of relating to all music and given me a whole new line and shape toolbox to play with in my dance exploration.

– Kryss

Shahrzad is a generous and kind teacher. With close attention to detail, she shares her impeccable musicality, technique and body lines with us, so that we can make our own dance more Persian feeling.

-Tamalyn Dallal, New Orleans, La

I really enjoyed the intensive. Shahrzad taught me the attention to detail of movement. Also her warm up brings into consciousness the body’s central axis, which helped dancing very much. Her way of teaching choreography and music and history lead to the study of the future. It was worthy and rare for me. Thank you.

– Ayako

The workshop was extremely useful for me and the whole experience has been very inspiring and I feel motivated.
I also wanted to let you know that I just watched the videos (instructional DVDs) and I am so glad to get them.
I really appreciate your recommendations and advices to improve my journey as a dancer.
Hope you are well and inspiring more dancers and people.”

– Patricia Nilda

I’ve been dancing and studying under Shahrzad Dance Academy (SDA) for over 6 months now after having taken classes with other studios in the Central Asian and Persian dance styles for 2 years.  Shahrzad Khorsandi focuses on teaching the technique and incorporating grace, esthetic beauty through movement, and self expression!  Which for me has been the perfect balance.  I love and highly recommend her classes!!!

– Samira S., Walnut Creek, CA


If you are reading this right now, run and don’t walk to sign up to work with Shahrzad privately. I am a dance teacher in the eastern U.S. I teach dance classes every day. Shahrzad is a dance teacher’s dance teacher, and here’s why:

She has been studying Persian dance for decades and she is a classically trained Western dancer too. She is also Persian (FROM Iran originally) and she can tell you HOW to make the movements look Persian, and not just like a Westerner mimic’ing Persian moves (yes, there is a trick to this). She can explain (from the inside) the connection to the Persian culture – that is, how the moves imitate art and writing and other cultural aspects of Persia. She has teaching videos that you can buy. During your time together she’ll teach you basic moves (some from the videos, but mostly different stuff) and put them together into combinations and partial choreographies. She’ll have you choreograph short bits of your own and make sure that you understand how to put together a dance.

If you are a teacher, she’ll help you to figure out how to teach this material to your students. She’ll help you with understanding the music and finding music to use for your classes or choreographies. Shahrzad is a very generous teacher in terms of support. She is clear, extremely detail–oriented, and highly organized. If you study with her, you will get your money�����������s worth and more. I studied with her for a whole week and took 50 pages of handwritten notes. I had previously done a 2 hour private lesson with her and had taken a 4 hour dance workshop with her. I liked her a lot in those venues. Privately, she���s even better, as if that could be possible. This woman is amazing. She is also super nice and really easy to be with. Just a joy of a human being. If you’ve read this far, DO IT. Give yourself the gift. I’m so very happy that I did, as are my 20 new Persian dance students!”


I cannot recommend Shahrzad enough to study Persian dance. I travelled from the UK after being impressed by her choreographies on YOU TUBE and the standard of dance she was producing. With Shahrzad you get only authenticity. I experienced a warm and welcoming family atmosphere and stayed for 2 weeks. There was so much information that after 8 months I am still digesting it, building on it and developing what I was taught. Many dance teachers can dance but aren�����������t too thrilled about teaching…not her���its a passion. She has such integrity for Persian Dance and she teaches you not only technically but from the heart too. There is so much in Persian Dance that can be lost in the small nuances and expressions and she helps you find those within yourself and release your inner Persian!! The course was tailored to my needs and when she realised I understood something she modified and developed the teaching, same as when I needed a little longer to integrate something into my body, time was taken and space was given for me to find the movement from within and understand it at both a physiological and psychological level. The bonus is she is a lovely person, genuine, intelligent and caring. Don’t think about it…sign up today!!!!”

– Rachel Rafiefar


I took 3-week private intensive classes from Shazzy in July 2011 and I can honestly say that working with her made this time my best holidays so far! First of all classes were really professional. Starting with complex warm-up , continuing with exercises for establishing Persian technique to combinations and choreographies of Persian dance itself. Shazzy gives you also some kind of ‘homework’ ��� whatever you learn , you’ are supposed to put it into combinations matched to a piece of music, and then discusses them with you. That’s very useful for learning how to compose a good choreography as well developing deeper understanding for Persian music. Furthermore, Shazzy pays attention to every detail of your dance to make you as close to perfection as possible. She teaches you not only about the dance and it’s esthetic, but also about Persian culture. Shazzy is originally Iranian, so besides professional dance training in not only Persian, but also western dance techniques, she has that dance ‘in her blood’ and she can clearly explain ‘what is Persian��� and ‘what is not’ . I’ve seen many dancers, especially German belly dancers , who claim to perform Persian dance, however they only impersonate Iranians to make there dancing look ‘somehow persian’, having no idea about genres of Persian dance. Because of classes with Shazzy I can now differentiate good dancers from bad ones and I perform something that is more authentic. Besides perfect technique , Shazzy has really wide knowledge about the dance and ‘dance mechanics’ that she generously shares with you.

Last but not least, Shazzy is really warm and friendly person. I was staying with her during my training and one week after that and I felt like a member of the family. She was always helpful, always friendly, always very positive! I�����m looking forward to having more occasion to study with her!

-Aleksandra ‘Apsara’ Kilczewska


I did the intensive private course with Shahrzad a few years ago. The goal of my course was to get the answers to a lot of questions I had on authenticity. The great thing about the course was that it was really focused on my needs and personal development. It enabled me to grow in my own style and my from my own background and passion, rather than create a predefined model of a dancer. This makes the course highly recommended.

Furthermore Shahrzad is a very nice, warm person and hospitable and as a teacher she is clear, technically very strong and has a rich knowledge about Persian dance and culture. She is a very talented choreographer and a teacher who really wants to bring her knowledge to her students. I���������m really happy to have met her.

– Helia


I am Persian and live in Israel.  I did the intensive private course with Shahrzad a year ago. It was a very special experience for me. I met a wonderful woman . She is very talented and very generous. I enjoyed every moment with her.

She is an excellent teacher. The classes were very structured very clear. She had opened a new world I did not know of a wonderful culture. She did not give up. It was important to her that I learn as much as possible. Days with her were great and I���ll remember it all my life. Thank you wonderful dancer and teacher.

I recommend anybody who wants to study Persian dance do it with her.

– Iris