“I am so grateful for your sending your book. It arrived well and has been fascinating to read. You have dedicated so much time and effort to devise this system with terminology and explanations. It will be very useful. The use of basic international dance positions and language will make it accessible to all dance enthusiasts.”
~ Robert de Warren

“I love the book! It’s beautiful and important work. I don’t think there’s anything like this out there. Thank you!”
~ Shadi Ziaei

“I have had the privilege of studying with Shahrzad, getting exposure to her dance technique, and performing with Shahrzad Dance Company. There is quite literally nothing out there like this book. Shahrzad is a pioneer in the Persian dance world…for anyone looking to educate yourself on Persian dance, this is your chance!”
~ Geeti Mahajan

“I’ve read just the introductory chapters and I have to tell you that this book is gorgeously written—it is absolutely perfect, clear, flowing prose! (I really appreciate a well-written book because it is so satisfying to me to read good writing.) I love that you open the book with personal, humorous anecdotes which immediately draw in the reader and create a connection with you on an emotional level. The cultural and artistic background information is fascinating and compelling. I can’t wait to read more and finish the book.

Also, I feel so privileged to get to study this beautiful dance form with you. Thank you for allowing me to continue in your company class. You and the other dancers are all so warm and welcoming!”
~ Maia Bora


I just read the section on Dynamics. It is brilliant; clear and vivid; the imagery flows really well. I felt a great connection with what was written, and I felt both expansion and confirmation of my understanding of the dance. I really grasped the hypnotic element of Persian art as it relates to the dance; with the unbroken flow; there is not a moment that the soul drops out, or is disengaged; even as the dynamics shift. I love it!”
~ Mona Heir

“Whoever hasn’t got the book yet… it’s a MUST! I’ve got mine yesterday and I’m in the process of reading it… it’s amazing! Lot’s of information, useful pictures, a lot of details… great job Shahrzad! Thank you for your hard work!”
~ Aleksandra Kilczewska

“The section on music is excellent. I rarely see things like this put so clearly and concisely. I couldn’t have written it better myself.”
~ Dr. Hafez Modirzadeh, Professor of Music, San Francisco State University

“Shahrzad describes each movement in detail and uses a precise terminology she has chosen for the movements. It’s made the figures easy to understand and reproduce. Her book will undoubtedly help standardize Persian dance terminology and training among a much larger body of students.”
~ Kevin Greek, Ph.D.

“There is nothing else like it out there right now. This book, along with her online classes and DVDs, will be a wonderful aid to any serious student or teacher of Persian dance!”
~ Kathleen Cantone