Art of Persian Dance Press Release


Media Contact:  Kim Ganassin,,
Shahrzad Dance Academy

Persian Dance De-Mystified


 (Richmond, CA, February 25, 2015) Despite its ancient roots, Persian dance has never been codified into an established set of movements like other classical dance forms such as Ballet – until now.  Innovator and visionary Shahrzad Khorsandi has written the definitive book for dancers looking to learn this under-defined art form. The Art of Persian Dance is the first book to establish a formalized pedagogy which encompasses the foundational principals of Persian dance technique.

The Art of Persian Dance provides the structure and vocabulary for teaching a style of dance that has been part of Persian culture for millennia.  It details body positions, rules for achieving correct body line, and descriptions and illustrations of the patterns and transitions that define the technique.

Shahrzad has spent almost 20 years studying and exploring the depths of aesthetics distinct to Persian culture – once the center of the ancient Persian Empire – to isolate those elements that define the movements as Persian. Her vast repertoire of original choreography is based on these Persian aesthetics.  Her commitment to creating a comprehensive method for teaching this technique, including categorization of movements and positions, and establishing a nomenclature, have made her a pioneer in the dance community.

���������Persian dance has ancient roots, yet the current Iranian government has outlawed the public performance of dance for decades. I want to make sure today�������s dancers and future generations can learn and enjoy this beautiful art form.���

The Art of Persian Dance is available through the ShahrzadDanceAcademy website and, and contains over 200 detailed illustrations and photographs.

About the Author: A pioneer in Persian dance, Shahrzad Khorsandi founded the ShahrzadDanceAcademy in Richmond, California and serves as its artistic director. She has dedicated her professional life to performing and teaching this beautiful and ancient dance form. Born and raised in Iran, Shahrzad holds a BA in Dance, and an MA in Creative Arts from San FranciscoStateUniversity.  Her dance training includes Modern, Jazz, Ballet, West African, Afro-Haitian and Flamenco.  Her website can be found at