NEW! Contemporary Persian Ballet Vol. 2

This DVD is intended for the intermediate/advanced dancer. Founded upon an ancient culture, this contemporary style weaves Persian lines and images with complex and innovative movement patterns into culturally potent music, making the body and the music together as one. This DVD begins with a warm-up and includes a set of arm/hand/foot exercises specific to […]

Instructional DVD: Classical Persian Dance Level I

This DVD is an introduction to the Persian style of dancing, with emphasis on posture, position and movement of the arms and hands, and rhythmic foot patterns. It is a 30-minute condensed DVD consisting of 10 different steps, broken down into sections that can be rewound and practiced repeatedly.Those steps […]

Instructional DVD: Classical Persian Dance Level II

Intended for the intermediate dancer, this DVD introduces new, more complex movements in the Persian style. The DVD begins with a warm-up and includes a set of arm/hand/foot exercises specific to the Persian style of dance. It is 60 minutes, and ends in a staged performance with two dancers, performing a longer variation of […]

Contemporary Persian Ballet Vol. 1

Intended for the intermediate/advanced dancer, this DVD introduces a unique style, combining rhythmic foot patterns with fluid movement transitions, while emphasizing movement of arms, hands and wrists, and coordination of arms and legs, while harmonizing foot patterns with Persian music. The smooth and circular transitions, and line and positioning […]

Classical & Contemporary Persian Dances

Persia, bordering Central Asia and the Middle East, is the home of Classical Persian Dance. This dance style is a fluid yet rhythmic dance form, which emphasizes the use of hands and wrists. The movement and positioning of the body reflect the rich and refined aesthetics of Persian. The focus of this course is on […]

Contemporary Persian Ballet Compilation

A compilation of dances from live concerts performed by Shahrzad Dance Company (SDC) in California, USA. Shahrzad Khorsandi, artistic director of SDC, choreographs dances which range from classical Persian to fusion and Modern dance. Shahrzad’s unique style of Contemporary Persian Ballet captures & combines the unleashed expression of contemporary dance with the refined, poetically potent […]

Performance DVD: The Forbidden Art

(Live concert: January 2003 Dance Mission Theater, San Francisco)

“The Forbidden Art” is a title intentionally picked by SDA to bring awareness to the fact that dancing by women is forbidden in Iran today. It has been that way since the revolution of 1979. Although it […]

Performance DVD: Intimate Journey

(Live concert: August 2003 ODC Theater, San Francisco)

This concert draws on a combination of movement styles, blending the mesmerizing fluidity of classical Persian dance with the conceptual complexity and dynamic quality of contemporary western dance. The program is in two sections. Program I, “Universal Elements”, […]