Shahrzad Dance Company Members

Mona Heir


Mona Heir has been enchanted by the art of motion since childhood; when she fell in love with creative movement and ballet. After graduating from UCLA, and relocating to the Bay Area, she has been blessed to study rich and authentic styles of Middle Eastern dance, from Egypt, the Levant, and Persia. After the birth of her daughter in 2010, a synchronistic path led her to an immersion in the beautiful language of Persian Dance; under Master Shahrzad Khorsandi.  Mona intends to dance and study this supreme art into a fluency; worthy of transmitting its intended vision.  Mona cultivates a yogic practice, and teaches around the Bay Area; specializing in Perinatal fitness and Children’s Yoga. She also makes special love chocolates, to open the heart and fuel the soul. <3

Kim Ganassin Mendes


Kim is a Bay Area native and graduate of John F. Kennedy University. After a long break from performing Jazz and Tap as a teenager, she attended an SDA class and fell in love with the beauty and sensuality of Persian dance. In her 10+ years studying Persian dance with SDA, Kim has become an SDA Company member and instructor and has enjoyed continuing growth in Persian and Modern dance performance. Dance, as a physical and mental discipline, is her favorite method of self-discovery and healing, and she enjoys the journey whole-heartedly!

Rebekah Fessenden

shahrzad-dance-academy-company-rebekah-fessendenRebekah is a Bay Area native, with a B.A. in Fine Art from UC Santa Cruz. She began her love of dance at 8 years old, happily sampling any dance class that came her way. However the core of her training has been ballet, which she has studied since age 13, tempered and softened with a simultaneous study of modern dance, primarily Hawken’s technique. For many years the stable foundation beneath all of Rebekah’s dancing and her life in general has been her ongoing practice of Iyengar yoga which she also teaches. Once exposed to its classical lines and sensual rhythms Rebekah quickly fell in love with Persian dance. She has studied, taught and performed with Shahrzad Dance Academy since ’03. It has been her great joy and honor to share Persian dance with audiences across the U.S. and in Pakistan.