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    1:30 pmPleasure Point Fitness & Dance Center (907 41st Ave, Santa Cruz, California 95062)

    Persia, bordering Central Asia and the Middle East, is the home of Classical Persian Dance. This dance style is a fluid yet rhythmic dance form, which emphasizes the use of hands and wrists. The movement and positioning of the body reflect the rich and refined aesthetics of Persian. The focus of this course is on the shape of the hands, movement of the wrists and feet, isolation and coordination of arms and legs, and capturing the Persian aesthetics in the body line. Nomenclature of the movements will be presented in Farsi (Persian language). Pre-recorded Classical Persian music will be used in class.

    Sunday, Nov 16, 1:30-3:30pm
    $40 advance registration by Nov 10, $50 after.
    Limited space.

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    About Shahrzad Khorsandi: Born and raised in Iran, Shahrzad has been passionately involved in dance since childhood. She studied Dance and Performance Art at the California Institute of the Arts, and she holds a BA in Dance, as well as an MA in Creative Arts from San Francisco State University. Her dance training includes Modern, Jazz, Ballet, West African, Afro-Haitian, Flamenco, and Persian.

    Drawing upon her deep familiarity of authentic Persian dance, her formal dance training, and her intrinsic knowledge of Persian aesthetics, Shahrzad is a pioneer in Persian dance and quite possibly the first to create a formalized dance vocabulary and structure for Persian dance, helping in the artistic development and dissemination of an art form that has been outlawed in Iran for the past three decades. Her system includes the introduction of fundamental Persian body positions and movement, categorization and designation of nomenclature to movements, assembly of movement into choreographed phrases, and composition of dance pieces woven intricately with Persian music. Her unique approach to creating Persian dance pieces has prompted Shahrzad to identify her dance style as Contemporary Persian Ballet.

Private and semi-private intensives for serious dance scholars and educators are available.  These intensives are one week long . The training is Monday – Friday 9:30 – 5:30, at total of 30 hours including an exam (the intensives can be spread out over a longer period of time for local students). The student will receive a certificate in Shahrzad Technique for that level upon successful completion of the course and passing the exam.  Teaching certificate in Shahrzad Technique is also available upon completing an additional 12-hour workshop.


Shahrzad Persian Dance Technique consists of 3 levels:
Level I – Introduction to Shahrzad Persian dance technique – an in-depth study of the fundamental principles of Persian dance including technique, musicality, history, notation, and dynamic expression.
Level II – Intermediate Shahrzad Persian dance technique – this intensive build on of level I, introducing more complex movement patterns and transitions.
Level III – Advanced Shahrzad Persian dance technique – challenging the student with dynamic movement patterns and transitions and movement composition, this level prepares dancers for performing Shahrzad’s style of Persian dance.  Dancers who complete this level may be asked to join Shahrzad’s company.

Every student must begin with Level I intensive.

Accommodations during the week-long intensive are offered as an option.

Applications are available now and can be emailed after initial contact. If interested please contact Shahrzad at info@dancepersian.org for more information including a detailed outline of the course and fees.



Click on Testimonials  to read other dancers’ feedback after taking Shahrzad’s intensives.


These 1-2 hour lessons are customized according to the students’ goals and background.  Students under 18 must go through an audition/interview before any lessons are offered.

For more information please contact Shahrzad at info@dancepersian.org


On-line Persian dance classes taught by Shahrzad are now available at:


Free 3-day trial and only $47.99 for the 6-week series with unlimited viewing during the 6-weeks! This is a great way for long distance students to take class.



To compliment the dance curriculum, SDA also has produced several instructional and performance DVDs that are sold to libraries in the U.S. and Canada.



Shahrzad also provides online consultation for dancers and dance educators.  For more information contact info@dancepersian.org